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To create a livable and safe environment in a big empty hall, in only a few days. The goals for Bed-Stay are for 100% achieved.

- a 5-star rating by COA (Dutch Refugee housing authority)

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The Bed-Stay Deluxe© is an indoor bunk bed for 2 persons, with blackout curtains for privacy, comfort, and warmth. All parts are fire-retardant and easy to clean and disinfect. The Bed-Stay Deluxe© is quick and simple to assemble, requiring no tools and only standardised parts.

quick to build, no tools needed
easy to scale-up
20 > 2.500 Bed-Stay’s
optimal use of space

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The Bed-Stay Cube© is an indoor sleeping solution designed to enhance your privacy, with personal space for changing and the option for a workspace and lockers. Blackout curtains add comfort and warmth. The Cube allows for creating several 'rooms', each accommodating 2 to 8 persons.

quick to build, no tools needed
3 m2 p.p., incl. aisles
20 > 2.500 Bed-Stay’s
more privacy

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The Bed-Stay Hostel© is our unique outdoor group accommodation that can be divided into separate ‘rooms’ for between 2 to 24 persons, with 2.30m height clearance. The Bed-Stay Hostel© comprises the Bed-Stay Deluxe for maximum comfort, warmth and privacy.

out and indoor
quick to build
easy to scale-up
complete solution with flooring, beds and roof 

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Our Bed-Stay Cabin© is a foldable luxury private accommodation for 2 people. The Cabin is insulated, making it suitable for almost all weather conditions. With the efficient transport method of placing 20 cabins on a single trailer, we cut down on logistics costs.

out and indoor
quick to build
2 people per unit
efficient in transport

Bed-Stay is designed for a good night’s rest with more comfort and privacy for event crew • disaster relief • refugees • military

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Made from sustainable materials which are fully recyclable

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Backwalls, curtains and mattress covers fabricated of 670 gram PVC covered polyester, fire retardant according to DIN 4102 B1. Headboards fabricated of Forex, fire retardant according to DIN 4102 B1

Quick and easy setup, starting from 5 minutes per Bed-Stay

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• No tools needed, no left or right parts
• All parts are fire retardant
• Maintains privacy and comfort
• Easy to clean and disinfect
• Frame/Bed: 205x90x230 cm (LWH)
• Mattress: 200x80 cm (LxW) and 4 cm thick
• Maximum carrying weight per bed: 300 KG

Transport and availability

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200 Bed-Stay’s fit on a regular truck, up to 500 Bed-Stay’s fit on a plane.

We can be operational within 48-hours in Western Europe, other countries on request

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1 Barlanark Avenue, Glasgow G32 0JR, 
+44 (0)7977 426 295

Germany - SMI
Wendenstraße 29, 20097 Hamburg
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The Netherland - The Sleeping agency
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