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Swiftly Housing Refugees in Breda, The Netherlands

Learn how Bed-Stay with partner, the Sleeping Agency, rapidly transformed an empty hall into a safe refuge for 500 refugees in the Netherlands.

Picture this: It was the 12th of April 2023, and we received a call from the COA (Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers) in the Netherlands. Their request was urgent — 500 refugees in Breepark, Breda, were quickly seeking safety, shelter, and immediate assistance.

Creating a Home in Under Four Days (H2)

Recognising the situation's urgency, we took matters into our own hands and worked collaboratively with our partner, The Sleeping Agency (TSA). TSA took responsibility for all on-site operations.
We set out to transform an empty hall in Breepark, Breda, the Netherlands, into a livable and secure environment for those needing emergency shelter.

Privacy and Comfort at the Forefront

Our commitment to the well-being and dignity of the refugees was a top priority.
Beds were thoughtfully arranged in short rows to increase privacy. Each sleeping unit
was equipped with a locker, a sleeping bag, sheets, and a power bank — essentials
that would provide comfort and convenience during their stay in the emergency shelter.

More than Just Beds

We understood that the refugees needed more than just a place to sleep.
To ensure their well-being and safety in our emergency shelter, we also established
dedicated first aid, medical care, psychological support, and safety units.

A Testament to Collaboration and Innovation

This situation was not just about providing refuge; it was about collaboration and
innovation in adversity. It's about a community coming together to provide a haven
for those in need when time is of the essence. Moreover, the combined efforts of
our team and partners resulted in a service that left a lasting impact. The COA
recognised and rated our service as outstanding, validating our effectiveness and
dedication to every aspect of this project.

Continuing Our Commitment

Our commitment to making a positive impact remains firm. We are proud to have
been part of this mission and stand ready to respond swiftly to similar challenges
in the future.

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