Bed-Stay now proudly manufactured in the UK

We are pleased to announce our expansion to the UK! After years of providing outstanding service across the EU, we are proud to introduce Bed-Stays to the UK. In collaboration with three expert partners, we now offer our top-quality Bed-Stays for rental in the UK. We've streamlined the production, distribution, and delivery of our Bed-Stays, guaranteeing the utmost quality for our UK customers. 

Experience the highest-quality, easiest assembly of temporary sleeping quarters, no matter the circumstances or location. A good night’s rest for anyone, anywhere. That’s not just our slogan; it’s our commitment. 

 For introduction purpose, you can new experience the comfort, privacy, and convenience of Bed-Stay sleeping solutions firsthand. Book your exclusive on-site demo to secure your spot.

Date:April and May 15th, 2024

Location: Various locations across the UK